Computer Tools for Biblical Research
Database of Computer Tools
Dr. Harry Hahne

This database contains information about a wide range of computer tools for biblical research. It has information on hundreds of Web sites, books, articles, fonts, primary source files, and other resources for computer-assisted biblical research. This database is periodically updated with new resources.

In order to view the database you need either the Library Master bibliographic database manager. You can use either the full program or the free demonstration program. This software is available for Windows or DOS computers. It can be used on Macintosh computers in Parallels or another Windows emulator.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the free Library Master program on your computer. This Windows program lets you create and manage bibliographic and textual databases on your computer. You can manage bibliographic references and automatically format bibliographies and bibliographic footnotes in Turabian style and numerous of other styles.

    You have two options:

  2. Download the Computer Tools for Biblical Research Database. Right click here to download the database and save it to the folder on your computer at "Documents\LMW\Data".

  3. Start the Library Master program and open the database called "Computer Tools".

  4. The first time you open the computer tools database, the program will create an index to the data to speed up searches.

  5. You can now browse and search the database.
  6. [optional] If you are updating an existing copy of the computer tools database, go to the File menu and select Repair Database to update the database index. This is necessary for accurate searching of the database.

Copyright 2016 Dr. Harry A. Hahne
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary