Obtaining Course Software

Obtaining Course Software

List of Available Software

The following programs are currently available to download:
The following additional materials are available:

Downloading Software

The course notes sometimes refer to free public domain and shareware programs. You may have the opportunity to download these programs by clicking on a link. If the of a program is underlined, you may click on the name and download a copy of the software.

Follow these steps to download the software:

  1. Insert a blank floppy disk in the disk drive.
  2. Click on the underlined program name.
  3. You will be asked for a file name to save the program under. Add "A:" to the start of the default filename to save the file to a floppy disk. Do not change the basic file name.
  4. If the file name ends in ".ZIP", the file must be uncompressed. See the instructions below on uncompressing software. If the file name ends in ".EXE", you may enter the file name directly to install the program. For example, if the file is "PROGRAM.EXE", enter "PROGRAM" (without the quotation marks) to install the program.
  5. Read any files that end with ".TXT" or ".DOC" file that come with the program to learn how to install and use the program.

Uncompressing Software

Many of the programs you will download will be compressed with the PKZIP compression program. If you do not have the PKUNZIP program,
press here to download a copy of PKUNZIP, so you can uncompress programs.

After you download a program, run PKUNZIP to uncompress the program files:

PKUNZIP program.zip
In place of program.zip, enter the name of the file you want to uncompress. After uncompressing the program files, you will need to follow the installation instructions that come with the program. Usually there will be a text file called README.TXT or something similar which will explain how to proceed.

If you wish, you may also obtain a copy of PKZIP so you can compress your own files to distribute to others.