Dr. Harry A. Hahne

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New Testament
Gateway Seminary

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Balboa Software

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Dr. Harry Hahne has been teaching graduate-level courses in New Testament, Greek, Hermeneutics, Spiritual Formation, and computer-assisted biblical research at several theological seminaries since 1986. He has been Professor of New Testament Studies at Gateway Seminary since 2002 [formerly called Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary].

Previously, he taught for 16 years at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He has also taught courses at Heritage Baptist Seminary, Ontario Bible College and Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. He has also been a pastor, a collegiate ministry worker, a missionary, an electronic engineer, and a software developer. \

Dr. Hahne's biblical studies research interests include the New Testament citations of the Old Testament, theology of nature, Pauline theology, the relationship between Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity, and computer-assisted biblical research. He is the author of The Corruption and Redemption of Creation: Nature in Romans 8.19-22 and Jewish Apocalyptic Literature (T & T Clark), a book on the theology of nature in Jewish apocalyptic literature and the Apostle Paul's epistle to the Romans. He is assistant editor and a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature and has published numerous journal articles and book chapters. He is currently working on a book on a biblical theology of worship, based on the book of Revelation.

He has written several commercially-published computer programs, including Library Master, a bibliographic database manager used by thousands of professors, students, researchers and libraries in over 50 countries. He has been on the editorial board of several journals of computer-assisted research and a Web site devoted to Bible-search software for scholarly research. He has published numerous articles and presented numerous scholarly papers about research software and techniques for using Bible-search programs.

Dr. Hahne has degrees in both biblical studies and electronic engineering. He earned his Doctorate in biblical studies at the University of Toronto (Wycliffe College). His doctoral dissertation compares the view of Jewish apocalyptic literature and Romans 8:19-22 concerning the corruption of the natural world due to sin and the eschatological redemption of the natural world in the new creation.

Some of Harry Hahne's Publications Available on the Web:

Biblical Theology of Worship

New Testament Citations of the Old Testament

Theology of Nature

Jewish Apocalyptic and the Apostle Paul

Computer-Assisted Biblical Research

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